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Playground for Kids

Playground is a colorful app for 1 - 3 year old kids. After a fast ride on a Ferris wheel, children can draw with chalks on a blackboard and become a friendly pirate on a big ship. They can build great castles in a sandpit, cook magic potions in a mud kitchen and have fun on a bouncing castle.

Play and Sing Piano for Kids

Teach your kids to play the piano the fun way, no note reading required. Even your preschoolers can learn to play and sing songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Row Row Row Your Boat” and “London Bridge Is Falling Down” just by following the colored keys. You can also sing along as you play together. Or let your kids learn the songs on their own.

Vroom! Cars and Trucks for Kids

Colorful app for 1 to 3 year old kids that love cars and trucks. Discover various animal drivers in each car, help a garbage truck pick up all the trash or lift a heavy box with a crane.

Explore police car, garbage truck, mixer truck, fire engine, ambulance, crane, digger and dump truck.

Tony the Truck & Construction Vehicles

If your kid loves cars, trucks and vehicles in general, this is the app to download.

Tony the Truck is very busy at the construction site. Everybody needs his help - digger Dan, bulldozer Karl, Hugo and Amos the cranes, roller Ben, mixer truck Ron and of course the forklift brothers Max and Rex. Where should Tony go first?

Santa's Christmas Sleigh for Toddlers

Get your kid ready for a ride on Santa’s sleigh. This fun app is designed for one to three year olds to help them learn about Christmas and have fun along the way.

Children can follow Santa and his reindeers on the Christmas sleigh that is full of surprises. Your kids can unpack presents, see penguins going down the slide or build a snowman.

Safari Train for Toddlers

All aboard the Safari train, we're going to Africa! Join the lion conductor and his fellow travelers on a journey through a fun and interactive landscape. Touch the monkey and watch him pull the leopard's tail, listen to the laughing zebra, and see the sneezing baby elephant.

The app comes with the locomotive and one coach included, the rest of the coaches are available as an in-app purchase.

Animal Train for Toddlers

Animal Train for Toddlers is an animated game to help your kids (1-3 year olds) learn about animal sounds and have fun along the way. The game is fully interactive and designed to make sure your kids don’t get lost in the app.

Download the app to follow the dog driver and his group of animal travelers on their journey. Let your kids tap on the different things they see - a cat, a horse, a wicked goose, a hungry goat, a sleeping cow. Or try touching the sun in the sky, clouds or other parts of the surroundings and see what happens.